2 de julio de 2008


Rls Notes

In 1985 Rodrigo Morales Chavez was born in Mexico
and by age 11 his destiny came into focus.

He got his first set of acoustic drums and his
life was changed forever. By 14 he joined a band
with his cousin and AP Records artist Marcos
Sanchez (a.k.a. Lamat) who would become a mentor
and influence when he took the name Frenessy and
branched out on his own. In 2000 he started his
own work with an industrial-core-tech project
that would lay the foundation for the tight
high-energy Trance he would become known for
across the world. He uses every tool at his
disposal, computers, programs, plug-ins and
synthesizers, to understand the rules like a
technician and then break them like the rebel he

Frenessy is ready to stake his claim by mixing
the powerful forces of Psy-Trance with the soul
of Hard Rock. Thanks to the AP Records team,
Frenessy is able to expand his influence on the
movement by criss-crossing the world and
showcasing his ability in front of thousands. His
efforts have been building up for this moment,
when his first CD is unleashed into our
collective reality entitled Lost Sound Digital.

Consisting of 9 tracks of insane blend of strong,
hard, and noise break, heart pounding bass, clear
directions, and hypnotic melodies from the
future, Lost Sound Digital is overloaded with
energy that will never stop to let your mind or
body rest until the final beat.

link: http://www.ap-records.com/


# track length

01 let me out 08:58
02 artefacts 08:29
03 fogo na selva (frenessy rmx) 08:21
04 frequency request (frenessy rmx) 06:44
05 twisted on d.m.t 08:53
06 lost sound digital 08:29
07 ak-47 08:33
08 far from reality 08:56
09 co2, oh2, sn30 (frenessy rmx) 07:10


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