31 de julio de 2008


Track List

Title Time

01. Biogenesis - Funk-Daddy Brakes [07:05]
02. Biogenesis - Musical X-Change [06:55]
03. Biogenesis - Modern Life [06:10]
04. Biogenesis - Bleep Orchestra [06:50]
05. Biogenesis - Where Are You [07:44]
06. Biogenesis - U.F.O [07:06]
07. Biogenesis Vs Painkiller - Mariachi Zombies [06:34]
08. Biogenesis - Harmonic Science [09:01]
09. Biogenesis - Mythical Tales [07:55]
10. Biogenesis Vs Mad Maxx - Bazoom [07:14]

Release Notes

Bio Genesis is one of the most exciting new
projects to come out from Mexico.

Behind Bio Genesis are Mikeldi Murguia and
Carlos Perez, both born in Mexico City, but
are currently living in Spain.

United since childhood, Mikeldi and Carlos
have been making music thogether for a long
time. When they were younger, they both
played in a rock group, and performed in
various local spots, gaining local fame for a
few years. After a while of making music
together, they got introduced to the
elctronic scene and started producing lounge,
and more downtempo music, using several
acoustic instruments aswell as synthetizers
and computers. Further on, they discovered
psytrance and were instantly attracted to
this new style of production.

Bio Genesis is now known for their unique
fusion of sounds and groovy rhythms, which
combine the more melodic elements, with more
experimental synth sounds and driving beats.
Bio Genesis have been releasing music with
artists such as CPU, GMS, Mekkanikka, Xerox
and Illumination, Sirius Isness, Atomic
Pulse, Painkiller, etc, as well as in various
International labels, which has been a factor
to their rapidly growing reputation.

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