22 de junio de 2008



01. Peace Song 06:28
02. Searching For Love 06:34
03. Keep On Dancing 07:01
04. There's A Light 06:27
05. Kyouki Wa 06:28
06. Ideal Song 06:37
07. Real Me 08:53
08. Rei's Song 05:37
09. Don't Explain 04:42
Total Time: 58:47

Release Notes

Rip Van Hippy teams up with Rie Lambdoll from Osaka, Japan for a Digital only
album release

"I first met Rie Lambdoll in Japan, on Sado island at the rolling thunder
party in 2003, the party was forced inside the hotel by a full howling
typhoon, Rie invited me to have an acoustic jam with the band freeman that she
was playing with in those days, it was a great jam, and for the last piece of
the evening she sang the billie holiday tune "Dont Explain" i was blown away
by her singing and melodica playing,and while chatting later i asked her to
send me some vocals so i could make a few tracks,sometime later the first load
of songs arrived, once again i was blown away, this time by her original
lyrics, so as time allowed i got busy in my studio, i asked for more tracks so
we could have a complete album,and eventually "Searching For Love" was
completed. although Rie's focus is on the experimental side of music with her
osaka based bands Teresa11 and Crossbred, her musicality is undeniable and her
songwriting and programming skills are considerable,so enjoy our
collaboration" ................... Rip Van Hippy

Taken from: http://tinyurl.com/58f4cw


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