20 de junio de 2008



01. Crystal Sound - Aircraft 07:37
02. Crystal Sound - Deep In My Mind 07:11
03. Crystal Sound - Tik Tak 07:43
04. Crystal Sound - Flux 07:21
05. Crystal Sound - Room of Crime 08:26
Total Time: 38:18

Release Notes

Crystal Sound is Vlad Radchenko and Eli Perez from Israel. This duo is well
known all over the world by playing many gigs in the past and releasing over
15 tracks until now and one studio album which was released in famous Midijum
Records from Germany
With "Internal Clash" Crystal Sound releaseed another EP with five previously
unreleased tracks on PsyTropic Records and keeps rocking the dancefloors
with it. Enjoy!

Taken from: http://www.beatport.com


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