13 de marzo de 2008

VA-Psysky Records 001-(Promo)-2008-SSR

TITLE: PsySky_Records_001
LABEL: PsySky Records
GENRE: Psychedelic
BITRATE: 185kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 35min total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-00-00
RIP DATE: 2008-03-10

Track List:

1. Psyvader - Book of Death 7:09
2. Electroll - Destroy the Woods 7:39
3. Homiewankenomie - What do you 5:26
want ?
4. Bab-El-Drah vs Numeira - 7:09
5. 3,14 NO - Death strike 7:53

REFERENCIA: http://psychedelicmexico.com.mx/foro/index.php?topic=3089.new#new

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